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Local to Louisville

We sell GREAT SPACE from Cottages to Castles and everything in between! We consider ourselves experts in the Louisville market because we live & invest here also. 

We're Customer Oriented

We offer Residential, Commercial and Leasing with a plethora of specialties including, but not limited, to luxury markets, renovation, condominium development/conversion, historic properties, new construction, distressed sales, portfolio sales, multi-family/income properties and land development.  We have and will continue to demonstrate a successful history of a strong partnership in our industry and for our clients.


Why List With Us?

Great Space Louisville, LLC’s Real Estate agents have unapparelled experience & knowledge, plus over 50 years of market expertise in the local market to list your home effectively. Our agents are experts in their chosen field and, in turn, will work tirelessly to gain you the right exposure you need to sell your home quickly.

It has been said by Realtor.com that when sellers are represented by a licensed real estate agent, they accumulate a 17% higher profit at closing. Licensed Real Estate agents negotiate for a living to facilitate a sale that directly benefits you. Choosing the right agent & brokerage is imperative if you want to reap the most gain of your home.

Have a Positive Experience Buying!

Buying a home can be overwhelming and there are many mistakes that buyers often make, that could be due lack of knowledge or feeling rushed to make a decision. Thankfully, as the buyer, there is no cost for you to use a Licensed Real Estate Agent so we can help elevate those concerns for you. Agents are compensated by the Seller, so you get all the benefits of working with seasoned agent without the price tag.

Get Pre Approved

Getting Pre-Approved to buy a home is vital and it should be the first step you take.  The preapproval gives you an idea of how much you can borrow and what works with your budget. It also lets sellers know you’re genuine when you do make an offer, as you already have been working with a lender to secure a loan to buy their home. It tells the real estate agents involved, who work on a commissioned basis, that you’re serious about buying and their time is well spent.

In short, getting preapproved for a mortgage signals that you’re sincere about buying a home. Fortunately, getting preapproved is relatively quick and simple. Contact us and we’d be happy to connect you with our partners.

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